Swiss credit for Germans

Even if a lot of different loans are offered in Germany and it is always important that these offers appeal to a broad mass, it is unfortunately the case that not every consumer in Germany actually gets a loan in the end.

In many cases it already fails because of the Credit Bureau, which may have saved one or the other negative entry due to unfavorable circumstances. This negative entry can be due to unpaid bills or too many financial obligations such as credit, credit cards with installment payments, or other things. If you don’t know this, you can quickly get frightened if the precisely planned loan request cannot be fulfilled.

Bypass the Credit Bureau

Bypass the Credit Bureau

In such a case, there are only two options. On the one hand, the Credit Bureau can be avoided by not taking out the loan alone, but together with a guarantor. This is a bit of a hassle, as you first have to find a solvent guarantor who is also willing to bear the burden of a loan. Because the guarantor is just as liable for the loan and the borrowed money as the actual borrower.

On the other hand, the loan can also be taken out abroad. There you are not interested in the German Credit Bureau and possible negative entries do not affect the borrowing. Swiss credit for Germans is very well known in this context. It is issued by Swiss banks or banks from the Principality of Liechtenstein. It is a normal installment loan, which usually comes as a small loan and can either be taken out on site, but also via the Internet or through a credit broker.

The Swiss loan for Germans in detail

The Swiss loan for Germans in detail

Switzerland and Liechtenstein are known for their good financial policies far beyond their national borders. It is therefore not an isolated case if you try to obtain a Swiss loan for Germans there. But on the contrary. More and more consumers are taking this route in order to bypass Credit Bureau and also not to let the Swiss loan taken out for Germans appear in Credit Bureau. In this way, if larger debts have accumulated, one can assume that the money from the loan can also be used in a targeted manner and that it is not simply seized.

However, one has to be aware that the Swiss loan for Germans is usually only available as a small loan. Interest rates are also somewhat higher than for an installment loan from Germany. In addition, the loan is only available if you can prove a fixed and high income. Foreign banks take a particularly close look here, since income is the only security that they can easily access.

A credit broker usually does not have to be involved in taking out a foreign loan. They are increasingly offering such loans. With a little research and patience, the loan can also be taken out on your own, so that you can save the additional costs for the intermediary. In addition, it is usually faster to apply for the loan yourself, since personal contact with the bank always ensures faster processing.

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