Goo Goo Dolls New Song: Emotional Meaning Behind “You Are The Answer” MV Revealed


Goo Goo Dolls have released countless songs over the decades, but their recent release might be the most emotional, as frontman John Rzenzik revealed.

The rock band released the music video for the single “you are the answer“which revolves around a woman coming out of a violent past that she suffered at the hands of her father.

Talk to people magazinethe singer said the track is about being true to yourself and “trying to have faith in yourself and going where the love is”.

Their recent project is personal for the singer as he revealed he has been trying for a long time after someone told him not to deal with people who are bad for him, but rather go where is love.

The music video was created by Keenan O’Reilly, who also wrote the story based on how Goo Goo Dolls wrote the song. Presenting his ideas to the group, Rzenzik said he felt “destroyed” inside because it had moved him so much.

In addition to posting a video for fans, the group also highlighted support for victims of domestic violence by mentioning Joe Torre safe at home organization at the end of the video.

The organization aims to help children move on and heal from the trauma they have experienced.

Additionally, they also made a great charitable gesture by selling signed guitars, with proceeds going directly to the organization.

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John Rzenzik witnessed domestic violence as a child

Elsewhere in the interview, Rzenzik noted that he witnessed domestic violence and alcoholism in his household during his early years.

When he found out about the organization, he was “immediately moved” and knew he had to team up with them.

“You can’t live without hope, and there are so many children who feel scared and alone,” he said.

The leader explained that growing up in an environment of domestic violence always left him with “shame” and that he didn’t want to embarrass his family.

However, he noted that “shame keeps the cycle of violence going”, which is the most horrifying part for him.

Moreover, he also does all this for his little girl as he wanted her to be strong and independent while growing up.

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