How to Share Spotify and Apple Music Song Lyrics with Instagram Stories



There are times when you come across songs with lyrics so eloquent that you can’t help but wonder how the lyricist came up with the right words to express emotions and feelings. To help you share songs that are lyrical masterpieces, Spotify and Apple Music recently added lyric sharing to Instagram Stories. In this article, we will discuss the steps required to share song lyrics with IG Stories.

Share song lyrics on Instagram stories

We have added a separate set of instructions for sharing song lyrics from Spotify and Apple Music to Instagram Stories. You can jump to the respective section depending on the music streaming service you are using. Having said that, let’s get started.

Share Spotify song lyrics on IG Stories

1. Open Spotify and scroll down to view song lyrics. In the lower right corner of the lyrics sheet, you will see a ‘Share’ button. Tap on it and choose the lines you want to share. You can share up to 5 lines in a story. Once you’ve chosen the lines, hit the Share button.

2. A personalized share sheet appears when you press the Share button. From there, you can choose the target app and change the color scheme by tapping on the map preview. To share lyrics on Instagram, press the ‘Instagram Stories’ button. The app will now take you to Instagram and then you can add it to your story by pressing the “Your Story” button.

share spotify lyrics on IG stories

Share Apple Music Song Lyrics with IG Stories

1. Open the player interface on Apple Music and switch to the Lyrics tab bottom controls. Once you are here long press any line to enter lyrics sharing user interface. You can also press the “Share lyrics…” button to open the lyrics sharing interface.

apple music lyrics tab

2. You can now choose the lines you want to share. Keep in mind that you can share lyrics with up to 150 characters. Once you have chosen the lines, press the ‘Instagram Stories’ button to share the story. If you are using an iPhone, you can share lyrics on iMessage from this page. The feature was introduced at the same time as the beta version of iOS 14.5.

share apple music lyrics to ig stories

3. When the app generates the story, you will be redirected to Instagram. Press the “Your Story” button to share it. What I love about Apple Music’s lyrics sharing implementation is the attention to detail. When your Instagram followers tap on the “Play on Apple Music” option, they will be directed to the exact timestamp of the row you shared in the story.. This is something missing from Spotify’s lyrics sharing, at least for now.

apple music sharing output

Add Lyrics to Apple Music and Spotify Instagram Stories

This is how you can share the lyrics of Instagram stories from Apple Music and Spotify. If you’re looking for a way to share songs on Instagram Stories, check out our linked guide where we’ve added steps to do so from most streaming services. For more such tips, check out our articles on the best Instagram tips and tricks and new Instagram features.



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