Listen to the Killers’ new anthem song, “Boy”


The Killers released a new song, ‘Boy’ today (August 5) – check it out below.

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It’s the band’s first new music since their last album, ‘Pressure Machine’.

The new track debuted at last month’s Mad Cool festival in Madrid and sees a return to the band’s anthem style of writing.

Frontman Brandon Flowers said the song was written before “Pressure Machine”, but the themes explored in the song’s lyrics led him to write this album.

Flowers said of the song, “It was the first song written after we had to cancel the ‘Imploding The Mirage’ tour due to the pandemic.

“I had recently moved back to Utah and started taking trips to Nephi, where I grew up. I discovered that the place I so desperately wanted to get away from at 16 was now a place I couldn’t help but return to. I have a son who is approaching the age I was at that time in my life. With ‘boy’, I want to reach out and tell myself – and my sons – not to think about it too much. And to look for the “white arrows” in their lives. For me now, the white arrows are my wife, my children, my songs and the stage.

The lyrics of the song say: “Don’t overthink it, boy / White arrows will break The dark night / Don’t think too much about it, my boy.

Listen to the new song here:

Talk to NME before their set at Mad Cool, Flowers further explained the origin of the song.

“We teased it a bit,” he said NME. “It was the song that brought me home and was kind of the impetus to write [2021 album] ‘Pressure Machine’. What’s interesting is that it just didn’t make it to the disc – but its absence doesn’t reflect the quality of the song. It was an aesthetic decision to keep it confidential.

He continued: “There is an optimism in that. It’s in the dust, it’s in the gutter, and it looks at the stars. It’s more of a new wave vehicle.

Flowers also revealed that the band are working on their next album – with material to be released later this year.

“We just had a few days off and Stuart [Price, producer] came to visit us on the road,” he told NME. “We exchange things and ideas. I speak with Shawn Everett [producer] too, and it’s nice to have that combo.

He added: “You will hear singles this year. The full record will probably be early next year, but there will definitely be more releases this year.

Talk to NME for a cover of Big Read last year, drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr said the band had already started work on a “heavier” new album that would see all four members reunite. Lead guitarist Dave Keuning did not appear on “Imploding the Mirage” in 2020, while bassist Mark Stoermer did not participate in the “Pressure Machine” recording sessions.

“It’s a little more canyon rock,” Flowers said of the songs they were working on for their upcoming album. “Maybe a few more traditional killers, I guess.” Vannucci added that he expected something “a bit heavier and tighter” than “Pressure Machine”. “I could see us going in this direction: something a little more energetic.”


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