The free app displays the lyrics of any Apple Music song right in your iPhone’s notification center



Apple Music is Apple’s latest and greatest service, as the company seeks to regain some of the ground lost when streaming services take off. iTunes Radio didn’t grow in popularity per se, and Apple knew it had to come up with something special if it was to compete with Spotify and Pandora. So the company bought Beats and now Apple Music is finally here.

The new service is packed with features – so many features that some areas can be a bit confusing. Third-party developers still have some ideas on how the service can be even better, and one of the latest comes from Musixmatch.

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Musixmatch is an application that focuses on lyrics, and now it works with Apple Music. The app has a lot of features in it, but in this case we’re only interested in one cool feature: using Musixmatch, you can view the lyrics of any song you’re listening to right in your iPhone’s notification center. or iPad with the application widget.

Musixmatch is free and a download link follows below under the app description.

Musixmatch is the world’s largest lyric catalog, which lets you enjoy diverse music with synchronized lyrics.
Out of 155 countries, it was selected for Editor’s Choice on the App Store and was also chosen as App of the Year in 2013.

It is a must have application for music lovers:

• Listen to songs from your music library with synchronized lyrics.

• Search for the lyrics of any song you like:
Instantly get the lyrics you are looking for and listen to the song from Youtube.
Can’t remember the title of the song? Just type part of the lyrics to find the song.

• Identify the lyrics of the music playing around you:
With just one touch, you can magically identify song and lyrics from radio, TV or any other audio source.

Your favorite and tagged lyrics will be stored in your personal profile and can also be found on under “tagged songs”.

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